With all of the wonders that nature has to offer, it is hard to pick only one that has the most impact on our surroundings. There to seems to be no clear winner as they all hold an equal importance on the Earth. Trees seem to stand tall no matter how many times the world has turned. Deforestation has threatened the very existence of planetary life. While we may show a full appreciation for their beauty, it is not often we look beyond their majestic appearance.

The family of Trees have branches in all corners of the world. There is a lengthy Tree lineage that includes hundreds of different types, sizes and colors. We are most familiar with the industrial use of Trees. Wood and paper have created a foundation of innovation. From furnishings to flyers, it is hard to imagine a world without either. As a natural resource however, Trees are more functional to our environment than the products they are a part of.

Tree Functions

Aside from making the perfect backdrop for a family photo, Trees have a defined list of benefits. Understanding both sides of the leaf will help us to recognize how we effect the natural cycle. With this knowledge, we are better equipped to initiate changes in our own lives.

Cleaner Air – Trees have a filtering ability that reduces Carbon Dioxide in the air. They absorb pollutants and trap unhealthy particles before they can become harmful to the environment. It is said that an acre of full sized trees can provide enough oxygen for up to eighteen individuals.

Tree Homes – Providing foliage and homes for several species and animals is another task that Trees tend to. Creatures of all sizes seek shelter and safety within the trunks and branches. Nests and homesteads are created as Trees are a large part of their habitat. Some produce foods that the animals survive on through the seasons.

Water Works – The roots of a Tree run deep into the ground. During the rain, the tree takes in the water contributing to the land of the area. Towering Trees partake in the process of evaporation, atmospheric moisture and the overall levels of humidity.

Health Benefits – It is proven that the presence of Trees assists with the healing process. The Splendor of life that emanates from a Tree has a tremendous effect on how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically. No matter the season, the exquisite stature of Trees are both therapeutic and remedial.

To the Roots

From the air we breath to the ground we walk on, Trees have an impact on the environment we live in. We are seeing a decline in the trees population namely due to construction and industry. You can do your part by spreading the word, recycling and managing your usage of resources. Trees have stood watch over the Earth for thousands if not millions of years. It is time for the World to make a stand and conserve to preserve our timeless Trees.