Automobiles are deemed a necessity in the modern and busy times we live in. We find ourselves routinely driving every day to accomplish our to do lists. The environmental impact that cars carry can go unthought of and unseen.  The steel grey smoke that swirls through the air above a busy highway does not dissipate when it lasts more than a few seconds. The smog style thickness continues to circulate through the air and into the trees until it touches everything in its path. This toxic emission is not always a visible veil. Unfortunately, most of the time it is not evident of its direction and its invading path cannot be traced.

Travel Pollutants

The pollution on the roads is not the only potential hazard our earth faces. Resources are becoming scarce and sought after which risks a potential depletion of resources. The constant need for fuel is a repetitive motion. The over usage of our natural reserves is certain to have a domino effect as we move into the future. For years, we have advanced with a minimal forecasting of the outcomes. Now that we have the ability to see specific results, awareness has spread across the world. A catch twenty two is presented with an established lifestyle and responsibilities versus how to stall the measurable damages to our planet.

How to Help

We can balance our daily needs with that of the environment by taking a second look at how we travel. When you look at the probable level of the unnecessary traveling we do, a pattern can be detected. We live in an impromptu time where we negate to plan and primarily rush in reverse in lieu of prevention. The should of, would of and could syndrome leaks into other areas of our life. If you were to calculate the back and forth time that is spent, the numbers might surprise you. When you equate that into a numerical value of resources spent, you can see the profound utilization on a day to day basis.

Ways to Travel

Applying this newfound intel is not as tricky as it may seem. With a few tweaks in our schedule and a well devised plan, you can become a part of the solution. Here are some ideas to get you moving in the right direction:

  • Carpooling – Gathering coworkers or fellow parents to carpool saves in all directions. Preparing a schedule with all who participate will avoid miscommunications. The dual benefits are worth the effort while simultaneously saving the miles on your vehicle.
  • Efficiency – Auto makers have transitioned from the old gas guzzlers to a more efficient model. The less gasoline your car consumes, the better it is for the environment. Flex fuel can be found on several models which will greatly assist in your endeavors.
  • Plan Ahead – Avoid making extra trips with preplanned stops. Take the route and timeline into consideration for less time on the road. Thinking ahead of the day will ultimately save in the long run.