The three R’s are known as the mantra that represents Earth Awareness practices. You may have also seen the triple rule set referred to as a waste hierarchy. The word waste can be used in two different forms. One term describes items that are put in a refuse and deemed no longer of value. The other is when goods are thrown away before they have been used to their full potential.

The method of the Three  is simple yet effective. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is at the hub of building a sustainable way of life while eliminating the harmful impacts on the Environment. There is a practical logic applied to the specific order they appear in. While each one is packed with earthly benefits, the three R’s together are proven to provide lasting results.

The condition of the world around us is complex. As we progress our surroundings seem to digress as its natural resources are depleted. In effort to repair and prevent the damages, it is recommended to adapt  Earth saving plans into your lifestyle. It might seem like a daunting task  when you hear the multiplicity of the words hierarchy in combination with the three R’s. Once you have a keen understanding of how the aspects work together, it will be a breeze to incorporate the guidelines in your own home.

The Three R’s


The concept of reduction is the first step you can take. The term “only take what you will use” is the theme when reducing your consumption. It is the beginning of the cycle for good reason. By not overly making, buying or using, it automatically lessens the percentage of waste. Just as you wouldn’t paint a room before you tear down the walls, it is wasteful to use resources unnecessarily only to throw them away after.


Before you toss out an item, think of the different uses it may have. Certain foods can be used in a compost for gardening or parts and pieces can be delegated to another source. From crafts to carry alls, there are some innovative ways to repurpose even the smallest of trinkets. Purchasing objects with a plan in mind, will help to both Reduce and Reuse. Several materials are made to be versatile and adaptable. Clothing, bedding and metals make genius projects. With a little creativity and some savvy thinking, you can Reuse your way to making the world a better place.


After all is said and done, Recycling is the final turn in our trio. After Reducing what you take in and Reusing what you can, there still may be a lingering amount that cannot be reasoned with. There are guidelines for Recycling that is set up depending on the area you live in. New products can be manufactured with Recyclable components. A multitude of things can be put in the Recycling bin which lowers the amount of waste that gets hauled off.

At home or work, you can make a plan that will get everyone involved. Every effort counts and can make a positive difference for our Environment.