The Earth has one World Ocean that is divided into five sectors. The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are considered major regions while The Antarctic and Southern Oceans make up the smaller of the group. Together, they cover over seventy percent of the Earth’s surface. Varying species, plants and organisms play a tremendous role in the vitality of the Earth. Now that the planet is populated and evolving at an unprecedented pace, it is important we take a look at how many actions have impacted our natural surroundings.

The population of our planet resides on the remaining percentage of land mass. Within the upwards of twenty percent of living space, we have managed to exceed our expectations in terms of growth, adaptions and advancements. In the process of progression, we have found numerous ways to utilize resources that are derived from the Earth. This may sound good in theory; however, it has made a dramatically negative impact from the atmosphere all the way to the Ocean floor.

Ocean Troubles

Pollutants and contaminants are threatening the Oceans and all of the wonders they contain. When the landfills began to overflow, it was apparent we needed a new place to route the excess of waste and refuse. With the understanding that the ocean ran deeper than the eye could see, its vastness was thought to be the perfect resolution. After several decades have passed, it is realized this method was not such a good idea. Here are some interesting facts that will explain the scenario of cause and effects we are experiencing.

Plastic – We use everyday items made of plastic for their convenience and low costs. Whether these items are dumped intentionally or migrate their way into the ocean, it is singly the most common found contaminant.

Marine Life – Between two and four hundred thousand marine life is lost each year. Pollution, debris and chemicals are absorbed into the water. When the different species eat the toxic material, they become poisoned. Getting tangled in discarded nets or contraptions has proven fatal contributing to at least half of the losses annually.

The Tons – It is estimated that an actual billions of tons of trash and waste find its way into our Oceans. Manmade toxins and chemicals alter more than just physical lives. The environment under the water is a habitat and home and feels the profound effects of pollutants. Altered waters create furthering issues with food, reproduction and the marine ecosystem.

Additional Sources – Aside from the mainstream garbage, there are other threats that we need to consider. Oil, sewage, metals and radioactive waste are to mention only a few of the additional sources that incur harm to the Ocean.

Keeping our Earth safe is not an easy task with the measured pollution that is affecting it. Great efforts are being made to cleanse the effects we are seeing. With resolve and determination, we can all take steps that will protect the Oceans.