When it comes to Energy and resources, there are some new contenders on the field. Genius minds have collaborated in effort to reduce the Energy we comprise from Fossil Fuels. Years of research has produced effective results. We have innovatively determined Alternate Sources of Renewable Energy. Wind and Solar sources are the two Main forms that have made their way into homes around the globe. The difference between Fueled Energy and Renewable sources is supply and process.

Fossil Fuels are measurable in quantity and types. Fueled Energy is not easily replenished by the Earth naturally. Renewable sources are dependent on the natural processes of the Earth. This makes it a continual resource that does not need to be  developed and refueled. Using Renewable Energy lessens our dependency on Fossil Fuels. The outcomes include less resources used, a reduction in pollution and cleaner energy overall. The more known Forms of Renewable Energy are as follows:

  • Wind and Solar
  • Ocean and Hydrogen
  • Bio mass and Hydroelectric
  • Geothermal

Wind and Solar Energy  are the two most prevalent sources you will find in homes and businesses. As we move ahead with conservation plans, we will surely see more of these Renewable Energies. Let’s discuss two of the most used renewable energy sources.

Wind Energy

Using Wind to produce Energy is not a new concept. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years. Nautical purposes were the original mainframe of the design; however it has since evolved slowly into a more palpable solution. Homes and farms utilize Wind mills to harness energy for irrigation, water pumps and household needs. Larger industries have adapted to using renewable energy by setting up Wind Mill Farms. They are not prominently used across the globe due to highly populated regions. The Mills are large and can become too noisy for residential neighborhoods. The other requirement for a Wind Mill is to have enough atmospheric wind to keep the blades running. Open and rural lands are optimal locations for this alternative source.

Solar Energy

One of the Most Popular Alternate Energy  is through Solar Power. The Sun is a powerful source that can be long lasting. Active Solar Energy uses the direct Sun whereas Passive Solar Energy utilizes a mechanical approach. Technology is created to transform, store and convert the Suns Energy and heat into its own source.

Homes and businesses have replaced a good portion of their energy use with Solar panels that are built into the buildings structure. Small gadgets, electronics and appliances have begun incorporating Solar concepts. Special batteries have been produced that are charged by the Sun and are compatible with most Energy efficient battery operated products. This type of Renewable Energy is still a work in progress. As time continues, adaptions will enhance Solar Energy for a promising future.

You can infuse Renewable energy into your life with a few adaptions. In the long run, these sources are efficient and effective while leaving a positive imprint on the World.