“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is an old adage that we have used through the years. Not only is it a catchy saying, it also rings true in most cases. The statement has been a case in point when it comes to Raising Awareness. If we flip a few pages back in the History books, it has been proven a simple request is generally unheard. Environmental topics were often viewed as radical and paranoid.

Concern for the environment is not a new concept. Earlier documentations show as early as the Thirteenth Century steps were taken to prevent air pollutants. Individual or group Activists were not as prevalent until the Nineteenth Century. Issues that were presented became quickly dismissed creating a complex situation. Environmentalists had to further their endeavors to spark the actions needed to make a difference.

Raising Awareness

Conservation groups began forming in 1886. From wildlife to the Earths resources, Early Environmentalists paved the path for the future of advocacy. Through trial and error, Awareness seemed to make the biggest impact. In past years, the internet was not an option to reach the masses. The lack of technology did not deter their efforts.

Spreading the Word

Beginning their work locally made the most sense for earlier Activists. As the word spread, others would join in on the movement bringing the information to their own home towns. In some time, the news has hopefully spread over several communities. Trips were organized to travel abroad gathering members as they went.

Informed Alertness

Gathering intel and factual data was not easy for Activists. Once corporations caught on to their mission, they made it difficult for proof to be obtained. It was common for the leaders of the group to seek out moles in a company who would filter down the information. Investigating, surveillance and documentation were practices behind the scenes. Once they had sufficient evidence, they were able to address it through legal channels.

The Scenes of Awareness

Activists have gained a reputation for erratic behaviors. Protests were a way of being both heard and seen. Getting the public to pay attention to Environmental concerns has been a long journey and were not always politically correct. When they met opposition, the situation had the potential to escalate. A good example of this was a group who took a call to action in saving the baby seals from poachers. Spray painting their new fur made them unusable for coats. Poachers waged a war with the Activists resulting in fatalities and several injuries.

Information for Victory

All of the efforts put forth by groups have led us into an ecofriendly future. Entire organizations have been formed to protect the Earth. Conservations provide wildlife a safe place to live and endangered species are sheltered from potential threats. With the help of Awareness, agencies are set up to regulate pollutants and toxins reducing the impacts to the atmosphere. The great list of advocates reaches in the thousands and now spans worldwide in hopes of creating a better future.