The world around us is constantly moving and changing. Some of the aspects are subtle and not easily noticed until it begins impacting our Earth’s Environment. Just as the seconds of a clock tick by, it is the hour or greater minutes that catch our attention. Decades if not Centuries of effects have accumulated throughout the planet. The rise of population has been accommodated with the elimination of large spacious areas of trees and land masses. Our way of life is supported by the conversion of Earth’s resources. In return we have released hundreds, thousands and millions of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere.

Over time, these actions have created a snowball effect that is moving destructively quicker than we can try to correct it. With efforts of groups and individuals, there are systems in place to slow down the processes that have left a negative impression. The question left for us to ask is…

How do we prepare Future Generations for what the past has left behind?

Our Responsibility to Future Generations

The advancing society that surround us continues to grow and adapt. Stepping forward with Green practices will transform the old into the new. Now that the world is aware of the numerous factors that require attention, it has to become our intention to do all we can. When thoughts are turned into actions, the possibilities are endless. It is not enough to only understand, we also hold the responsibility to Future Generations. With a Globe full of people, it is a challenge to spread the word, rules and guidelines. Groups and Enterprises have taken the initiative to innovate campaigns for the cause.

Setting an Example For the Future

We can do our fair share by supporting practices that will make a difference, one step at a time. Starting in our own homes, we will set an example for our families, neighbors and friends. Teaching our children how to Recycle is a good place to begin. By living a Greener lifestyle, the up and coming Generation will be accustomed to helping the Earth grow and replenish. Teaching them how to garden and reduce waste will offer them the tools to educate the Generation that follows them. Having awareness and living aware are two separate things. We want to make sure we are showing both to younger generations. The more knowledge that is passed along, we can be hopeful Future Generations will avoid making the same errors and continue to care for the Earth.

The Future of Earth

It took us hundreds of years to incur a debt to the planet. The sensible belief is it will not be corrected overnight. When you see children, it may not seem important at the moment to start showing them how and why Green practices are a way of life. Remember, teaching today’s youth is also reaching the minds of our Future Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Scientists; the shaping of the future is in our hands, as legacy and knowledge will carry on.