We are always on the lookout for good deals and ways to save money. Household expenses are at the top the list of stress factors. Our environment and lifestyle exist in unison. They revolve around each other with a trail of effects that have accumulated over time. With the understanding of how they connect, we can minimize the impacts on both our home and the environment. Taking the right steps has the potential to help both your budget and the earth. Household resources involve utilities, materials and product usage. Interestingly, all three components have direct and indirect consequences on the environment.


Homes function with a range of utilities. Electricity, gas and water are the primary sources that we use on a daily basis. Aside from mortgage payments, they are also the costliest expense we incur. We have access to utilities from either synthetic or natural resources. As these supplies are utilized, they are depleted in large quantities to disperse to consumers. Unfortunately, not all of these are renewable. Often times it will take an extensive period of time for nature to replenish what was taken.

Ways to Save

Lowering your monthly expenses will ultimately have a beneficial side effect. Conserving our personal usage of utilities will tip the scales in the Earths favor. You do not need to alter your entire lifestyle to make a difference. Turning off lights, taking care when washing dishes and incorporating efficient appliances will save you dollars and cents while improving the blueprint of the future.

Material and Product Usage

The materials we have become accustomed to are not only pricey, they also have the ability to leave a damaging trail. From construction projects to everyday tasks, being mindful of our shopping list increases your checkbook balance and lessens the cost on the environment. Alternative products and solutions are smart, long lasting and healthier for your home. Veering away from non-reusable or non-recyclable items reduces their toxic footprint. Using certain manufactured goods contain chemicals and dangerous additives. Removing them from your repertoire will save you from future charges.

Ways to Save

Finding ways to reinvent products will freshen your perspective. The first place to look is in your garbage can. Having less waste and more productivity is easiest when you start with the basics. Plastic and paper are the two simplest products to conserve. Doing this will shorten your receipts with an opportunity to stake your claim in the world.


  • A meaningful conversation begins with a single word.
  • One small action can lead to a multitude of reactions that have a positive outcome.
  • Taking a step leads us to a great journey of our own design.

When we look at each great feat in history, it has started with a thought that seemed insignificant at the time. As theses thought turned into a plan, they also inspire action. It is up to us to make the decision to lead by example. Cost effective ways to save our planet make a great pairing while bringing out the best in all of us.