World Oceans Day is a Worldwide celebration. Across the five Oceans, pollutants and debris hinder more than just the water. Each Country and Continent experiences a ripple effect making it an issue that requires Global attention. At an Earth summit in 1992, the Canadian Government proposed the idea of creating a separate day dedicated to the Oceans and the life and resources they are  home to. Ten years later the very first World Earth Day was organized.

The endeavor did not begin as a Worldwide event. It began slowly with a small group of participants on board. In 2008, the united Nations recognized the day as World Oceans Day which would be held annually on June 8. Collaborating with several Aquariums, Ocean Networks, Companies and Organizations, the special day is now celebrated in over 120 Countries. The recognition has grown reaching billions through social media helping the word to spread.

How to Celebrate World Ocean Day

The list of events and festivities that are on the World Ocean Day itinerary is vast with a wide array of locations. No matter your geographical location, you can be sure to find a happening in your area. Local groups and business often sponsor the day to increase awareness. How in depth your neighborhood gets involved will depend on each person committing to the cause. All age groups are welcome to partake in the Day’s efforts on any level they are able.

Communities host festivals in honor of World Ocean Day. This can include food, music and games to attract the masses. A portion of the proceeds generally are given to assist the preservation of the Ocean. Battle of the bands, contests and festive exhibits are a few ideas that are utilized. All events are planned well in advance allowing as many people to become a part of the day as possible.

It is encouraged to continually take preventative measures to keep our oceans clean. On World Earth Day the promotion is official as clean up crews and volunteers set out to do their part. Millions of tons of garbage are still floating in the Ocean. The effects on the Oceanic life and the eco system are wildly out of control. It will take the strength and energy of every community to reverse the damages while adapting new methods to protect them from further harm.

Finding an organization or group to work with is easy and open to the public. Monetary donations are accepted in every denomination. Some prefer to donate their time which is most useful and appreciated. If you are unable to attend an event due to location, you can create awareness in your own community. Schools, libraries and local businesses can help put together a small display or larger gathering. June 8 is a recognized day in support of our Oceans bringing together the heart of the matter with the citizens of the World. Whether you believe in true change or simply want to spread awareness, any attention that is given to the issue is a good way to show respect to the blue wonder.