When it comes to Earth Awareness, we typically think of the impacts for both current and future generations. Aside from the human factors we are facing, there is another element that is often left behind. This vast planet is the home of many miracles. Our past choices coupled with the present has placed several aspects of our world at risk. This fact does not only extend a risk to ourselves; we are also jeopardizing the animals that share the Earth with us.

Groups of individuals are divided on the topic. Some feel Animals are a lesser species that are not of large concern, whereas other vehemently protect their habitats and factors of survival. The truth is, Animals both large and small are becoming endangered species. This is not a matter of evolution versus creation as it truly represents the crisis we have created. From the largest bear and lion to the tallest giraffe, our Animals are become extinct at a rapid pace.

Why are Animals Important?

The main lesson we have learned or need to very soon is the essence of balance. We have proven that a lack of balance has tumultuous results. Animals are a part of the bigger picture that centralizes our environment. Natural occurrences and events such as the weather and positioning of the Earth are all essential to our existence. Animals of all varieties include amphibians, insects, reptiles, mammals and more. It is said that most species predate humans in the cycle of life. Science and studies have concluded the importance of Animals on our environment and ecosystem.

What is Happening to the Animals?

There is a series of events that has led us to the path we are on. Animals are undoubtedly suffering the consequences in the name of our own lifestyles. As modern society has grown, we have inhabited a large portion of the planet. This has caused us to move past the boundaries and tear down our forests, rainforests and jungles. These were not only imperative to our structure; they were also the home of hundreds if not thousands of Animals. In effort to maintain progress, hunting and poaching has crossed the line between necessity and sport. The proverbial life chain allows survival tactics, yet Animals are now being hunted for money and glory. There are many luxuries that are made from Animals that extend beyond a food source. High in demand items have placed Giraffes, Elephants and Tigers on the near extinction list. Unfortunately, this is only a minor few in comparison to the lengthy list that has become our reality.

Can We Help the Animals?

Helping to preserve the existence of our Animal neighbors is within our environmental choices. We have the capability to do our part even if it seems like a small step at first. Finding ways to adapt to maintaining the Earth will ultimately bring a healthier balance to the Earth. Greener lifestyles and a focus on preservation in lieu of progression is the smart and safest way to pave a path for the future.